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Ryder Cup USA team warm-up: Tigers and Old Miley Spice are being dismantled
Release time:2024-03-15

On September 26th Beijing time, the US team that arrived in Paris underwent a warm-up on Tuesday local time. Undoubtedly, for inter team matches, warm-up grouping can be a practice of grouping during matches. At the French National Golf Club, some interesting combinations have emerged for the American team.

The 12 members of the US team were divided into three groups for warm-up:

Group 1: Woods, Mickelson, Deschamber, Red

Group 2: Dustin Johnson, Justin Thomas, Spice, Fowler

Group 3: Copca, Funo, Simpson, Baba Watson

It is worth noting that the combination of Spice and Red, who had previously dominated the Ryder Cup, were not in the same group. The two have teamed up 7 times in the past two Ryder Cups, and in last year's Presidential Cup, they teamed up to score terrifying 3.5 points in four matches.
"We teamed up according to the captain's ideas and our own ideas," said Red. "You know, all the basis for the combination is whether two people can win more points for the team."

Captain Frederick said that the grouping of practice rounds does not indicate a problem, he just ensures that there are two players in each group who have previously played at the French National Golf Club. "Today is a warm-up and familiarizing oneself with the field," said Frick. "I hope the players are currently focused on their football skills. As for the weekend grouping, we will have a meeting in the next few days to discuss it."

Deschamps and Mickelson both expressed the possibility of partnering with Woods. Especially Lao Mi - he and Woods, currently two popular players in the world, plan to hold a "one-on-one" match in November.

"I think both of us would welcome this (Woods' partner Mickelson)," Mickelson said with a smile. "I know what Captain Frederick thinks."

Woods once teamed up with Mickelson in the 2004 Ryder Cup, but there was no chemical reaction between the world number one and world number two at the time. The two lost 0-2, and captain Hal Sutton had to break them up in subsequent matches.

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