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The start of the Ryder Cup was like a pressure cooker. Simpson recalls the humiliating start four years ago
Release time:2024-03-15

Simpson was not selected for the four man four ball team on the first morning
On September 28th, Beijing time, the roster for the four man four ball match in the Ryder Cup on Friday morning has been confirmed. Weber Simpson was not the first player to play, and that honor belongs to Brooks Copca/Tony Finau (USA) and Justin Ross/Joan Ram (Europe). In fact, in the first stage, Weber Simpson did not play. This may be a good thing for him.
Four years ago, Weber Simpson won the honor of hitting the first shot in the Eagle Valley Ryder Cup. That was a score three, but he hit a "skyrocket" and the ball only flew 190 yards, which caused a sensation on social media - of course not a good sensation.

Indeed, Weber Simpson was very nervous at the time, just like every player who made the first shot in the Ryder Cup. But there were other factors involved, and he explained them on Wednesday.

"That's the ball I've been playing all year," Weber Simpson said. "I've played 5 times already. I lost a bit of focus, I started a bit high, and that year, I've played a few other times as well."

He stated that the awkward moment did not come from the audience's reaction, but from the cameraman and other television workers who were preparing to follow him. They had already positioned themselves at the usual drop off point on the fairway, but had to walk back to where Weber Simpson hit the second shot.

Will Weber Simpson repeat himself this Friday? Weber Simpson admits that he will feel nervous again, but expects himself to handle it better.

"The first tee, that kind of environment is very interesting - perhaps much more tense than the second or third hole," Weber Simpson said. "That's why you might see me tee on even numbered holes."
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