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New Tianjin Sports Products Franchise Conditions

1. I and my family are in good health and have received support from family and friends;

2. Provide a legal ID card to facilitate the establishment of authentic records by the investment headquarters;

3. Franchisees should have sufficient operating funds to bear all the expenses required for franchising, such as rent, decoration fees, equipment costs, material costs, etc;

4. The business location is good, with a large passenger flow, and can pass the on-site evaluation of the headquarters;

5. Familiar with the market and possessing profound industry experience;

6. Having a certain local network of contacts and social relationships;

7. Familiar with sales channels, consumption levels, and needs in the regional market;

8. Having the willingness to cooperate and the ability to participate in business management;

9. Obey the unified management and training of the company, and be able to cooperate with the company's supervision and investigation work;

10. Agree with brand management philosophy, love franchise business, and pursue long-term career development;

11. Having a rational investment mindset and being able to objectively view the relationship between investment and return;

12. Franchisees have a good commercial reputation and industry reputation in the local area;

13. Having the awareness of providing high-quality service to customers and consciously maintaining brand reputation;

14. Strong business and marketing capabilities;

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Office Shenzhen Company: Shenzhen Xinjintian Sports Goods Co., Ltd
Factory location Dongguan Company: Dongguan Jinyao Sports Goods Co., Ltd
Contact person: Mr. Cheng Birong (13823265851)
Contact person: Xia Ping (Ms.) 13480884699
Landline number: 0769-87009151
Fax: 0769-87009092
Email: jtgolf@163.com
Trade Pass: xjtgolf
Factory address: Building 3, 1.7/F, No. 26 Qile Park Road, Caole Village, Xiegang Town, Dongguan City, Guangdong Province (Huayuan High tech Park)


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