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Although golf has many rules, the basic ones are nothing more than the following two points: 1. Participants must compete under fair conditions. 2 During the competition, one must be able to objectively handle situations that are advantageous to oneself.
In fact, these small grooves can reduce air resistance and provide lift, allowing the golf ball to fly further. A golf ball with a smooth surface, after being hit by a professional player, has a flying distance of only about half that of a ball with grooves on the surface. The flight trajectory of a ball is affected by……
Appearance inspection: visual inspection, caliper inspection; Internal quality inspection: artillery testing; Eccentricity inspection: 1. Imported American X-ray spectrometer. 2. Free fall without deviation. Testing certificate: USGA certified flash ball, MSDS certified CE certified
Weight and diameter of international competition balls. Standard weight: No larger than 1.62 Yisi (45.93g), generally produced between 45g-45.93g. International competition ball standard diameter: not less than 1.68 inches (4.267mm), generally produced between 42.5mm-42.8mm.
Ball core: Synthetic rubber, mainly composed of rubber, rubber additives, vulcanizing agents, and more than 20 other chemical raw materials mixed and made. It has good elasticity, strong impact resistance, and solid high-speed ball core. Imported DuPont Saline is an ion exchange resin that contains sodium and zinc ions……
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