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The effect of these small holes on golf balls
Release time:2024-03-18
In fact, these small grooves can reduce air resistance and provide lift, allowing the golf ball to fly further. A golf ball with a smooth surface, after being hit by a professional player, has a flying distance of only about half that of a ball with grooves on the surface.
The flight trajectory of a ball is affected by gravity (the weight of the ball itself) and air resistance. Therefore, how to reduce air resistance becomes the key.
Air exerts force on any object moving within it, such as a golf ball; Try extending your hand and moving your mouth, and you will feel the resistance of the air. Aerologists divide the force exerted by air on moving objects into two parts: lift and drag. The direction of traction is opposite to the direction of motion, while the direction of lift is upward and perpendicular to the direction of motion.
A high-speed golf ball will have a high-pressure zone in front of it. When air flows through the leading edge of the ball and then to the rear, it will separate from the ball. At the same time, there will be a turbulent wake area behind the ball, where the airflow fluctuates and perturbs, resulting in lower pressure behind. The range of the wake will affect the magnitude of the drag force. A small concave hole can form a thin turbulent boundary layer of air that closely adheres to the surface of the sphere, allowing smooth airflow to move more backward along the sphere and reducing the range of wake. Therefore, the drag force on a ball with a concave hole is only about half of that on a smooth sphere.
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