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Shenzhen Xinjintian Sports Goods Co., LtdEstablished in 2016, with its own factory, it produces various types of golf balls and golf supplies. It is a professional manufacturer that integrates golf ball manufacturing, design, development, and sales. The factory covers an area of 4000 square meters and is located next to the Guanlan Golf Club in Shenzhen, Guangdong Province, China. It has convenient transportation and a superior geographical environment. Our sales network covers various parts of the country, as well as Europe and Southeast Asia, and we have established long-term cooperative relationships with over 400 domestic and foreign customers.

The company introduces imported raw materials, equipment, and advanced technological systems from abroad, and has a group of skilled and experienced professional technical personnel who constantly innovate. With these excellent equipment and excellent staff, and high-quality golf products, the company is taking advantage of the situation and expanding its sales network, gradually moving towards the forefront of the golf industry.

An experienced team
Excellent production equipment
Complete production process
A sound management system
Strong Product quality And exquisite technology
Comprehensively ensuring the quality of golf ball manufacturers without any worries
High fault tolerance, easy to play, recommended for beginners
Uniform and glossy surface paint
460CC large capacity, easy to achieve ultra long ball distance
High strength thin surface design enhances better high elasticity effect
Choose Shinjin Tian's Four major advantages
Choose Xinjintian, choose good quality, and be committed to producing various types of golf balls

Rich industry manufacturing experience Focusing on producing golf ball productsExtensive manufacturing experience in the industry

Xinjin Tian has always been a professional company engaged in making and selling golf balls. We have a strong foundation of strength and sell to various places with "high performance quality and low cost".

Provide personalized customization of golf balls Customizable according to different customer needsProvide golf equipment personalisation

We have a professional design team that can provide you with a one-stop solution for golf supplies. At the same time, we can tailor your golf balls to your specific needs, and we are dedicated to crafting them with precision.

Strict quality control systemGolf balls undergo strict testing before being shipped outStrict quality control system

The products provided by Xinjintian Sports Products are all original and brand new products from the manufacturer's legitimate channels, fully meeting the brand, model specifications, parameter performance and other requirements described in the bidding list.

A comprehensive service system Short delivery time, fast delivery, and timely supplyPerfect service system

We have established a sound and perfect after-sales service system, and our dedicated, considerate, fast, and comprehensive service tenet is to serve you. Professional online customer service, specifically designed to answer your doubts.

Production process
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Stadium matches
Our company actively participates in golf competitions, and there are golf balls produced by our company in various competition venues
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Office Shenzhen Company: Shenzhen Xinjintian Sports Goods Co., Ltd
Factory location Dongguan Company: Dongguan Jinyao Sports Goods Co., Ltd
Contact person: Mr. Cheng Birong (13823265851)
Contact person: Xia Ping (Ms.) 13480884699
Landline number: 0769-87009151
Fax: 0769-87009092
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Factory address: Building 3, 1.7/F, No. 26 Qile Park Road, Caole Village, Xiegang Town, Dongguan City, Guangdong Province (Huayuan High tech Park)


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