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Türkiye Wins Li Haotong and Reaches World No.1
Release time:2024-03-14

                                                              Ross won the championship and regained the world number one position

On November 4, Beijing time, the European Tour Türkiye Airlines Open ended the competition for the final round in Antalya. Li Haotong hit 71 strokes, with a total score of -17 strokes. At the end of the 72 holes, he drew with Justin Ross, the second in the world. The two entered the extension match. Li Haotong regretted losing to Ross in the first extra hole, and missed the championship.

With the Chinese "cheer" sound coming from the serving table on the 1st hole, Li Haotong began the final round with a lead of three strokes. However, at the beginning, he couldn't let go. He took a shot on the right side of the 2nd hole and the 3rd hole, swallowing a bogey. It wasn't until the 4th hole that Li Haotong hit the first standard pole on the green.

In the first 9 holes, Li Haotong had 8 holes that ended with a flat standard, and did not catch a bird in the first 9 holes.

After the transition, Li Haotong swallowed Baiji again on Cave 11, achieving a score of 2 in a single round. On the other hand, Ross remained consistent in his performance, catching 2 birds in the first 11 holes without any bogies. He achieved a comeback in this hole.

The real showdown starts from hole 12, where Li Haotong advances to the first bird in the individual final round, tying Ross; Ross remained firm and retaliated with a bird, once again leading alone.
The turning point of the competition took place on hole 15, par 5. Li Haotong's second shot beautifully flew over a big tree, crossed a water obstacle, and landed at the flagpole! Eagle Ball! After Ross hit the green two times, he made a mistake in putting and hit Par three times. Li Haotong's score is once again tied with Ross, -18!

On the 16th hole, both of their irons were very precise, but unfortunately, Li Haotong's push was just one millimeter away, and Ross pushed ahead once again. The championship race has entered a white heat.

On the 17th hole, Ross swallowed the only bogey of this round, and the two sides drew and arrived at the 18th hole!

On the 18th hole, Ross's second shot landed in the sand pit in front of the green, and Li Haotong hit the green, but it was far from the flagpole. Ross first saved the ball to the flagpole, but Li Haotong pushed it short and Par missed, ending with a 71 stroke (E).

A dramatic scene appeared, facing a push that could win the championship, and Ross, who had been on the battlefield for a long time, also made a mistake! Two people enter the extended round.

Li Haotong and Ross both put the ball on the green in their second shot. Ross pushed first, but the ball didn't go in. Ross took the tap in par and Li Haotong's putt slipped out. However, his one yard return shot went wrong, giving way to the champion.

Chinese player Wu Ashun tied for 47th place with a total score of -4 strokes.

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