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World Ranking: Science Popularization Card and Big Brother are Nearby, Li Haotong Falls Out of the Top 50
Release time:2024-03-18

On August 27th, Beijing time, after last week's game, Brooks Copca further narrowed the distance between him and Dustin Johnson, surpassing him to become the world's number one, and it seems that it is no longer far away. At the same time, North American Trust Championship champion Bryson DeChambau surged to 12th place in the world, while Chinese athlete Li Haotong fell out of the top 50 in the world rankings.

After winning his second Grand Slam title at the US PGA Championship, Brooks Copca climbed to the top of the North American Trust Championship and eventually tied for eighth place. This ranking earned him 11.4 points, while his good friend and world number one Dustin Johnson tied for 11th place, scoring 8.74 points. When the two of them went to TPC Boston to participate in the Dell Technology Championship, Dustin Johnson's average score was 10.0967 points, and Brooks Copca's average score was 10.0049 points, with a difference of only 0.0918 points between the two.

Since taking the world number one spot in February 2017, Dustin Johnson has only been surpassed by Justin Thomas for four weeks this summer.

Bryson Deschamber won a 4-stroke victory at Richwood Country Club, earning him 2000 points and topping the Federal Cup standings. This represents that at the beginning of the tournament tour, he will be ranked in the top five, and at East Lake, he will control his fate to compete for the Federal Cup championship and $10 million.

The North American Trust Championship has gathered one of the strongest teams of the year, with a world championship score of 76 points. Bryson Deschamber climbed 9 places, reaching his career peak of 12th place.

The second victory of the year also earned young Americans a championship check of $1.62 million (approximately RMB 11.04 million), with a total season bonus of $6189009 (approximately RMB 42.2 million), rising from 10th place on the bonus list to fourth place.

Equally important is that Bryson Deschamber gave Captain America Jim Forrest an undeniable resume, perhaps sending him a Ryder Cup wild card.

Tony Finau came in second place after Bryson de Chambeau, scoring 45.6 points and rising from 30th place to 18th place in the world ranking. Considering that he has not yet won this season, this ranking is really impressive.

Billy Horscher and Cameron Smith tied for third place, scoring 26.6 points. Billy Horscher rose from 92nd to 66th, while Cameron Smith rose from 49th to 39th. In addition, Adam Scott, the compatriot of Cameron Smith, rose from 44th to 38th in the world ranking after achieving a score of 15.70667 tied for fifth place, and there is no need to worry about falling out of the top 50 in the short term.

Unfortunately, Li Haotong is now going to look from the outside in. Since retiring from the US PGA Championship, Li Haotong has not participated, and his world ranking has slipped from 48th to 51st. This is the first time in January that Li Haotong has fallen out of the world's top 50 since winning the Dubai Desert Elite with a lead of one stroke over McRoy. This period lasted for a total of 30 weeks. Although Li Haotong has always been stable, his ranking has never surpassed the tied 16th place of the US Open.

Italian player Andrea Pavan hit 31 shots in the back nine holes of the Albatross Golf Resort, leading by 2 shots, defeating three Grand Slam champions Harrington and winning the Czech Masters, achieving his first European tour victory, earning 166660 euros (approximately 1.33 million yuan) and 24 world points. Andre Pavan's European Tour bonus ranking has risen to 39th place, totaling $729611 (approximately RMB 4.97 million), while his world ranking has risen from 253th to 140th. Irish star Harrington scored 14.4 points, rising from 346th to 217th in the world ranking. Chinese player Wu Ashun was eliminated in this competition.

At the KBC Augusta golf tournament, Japanese player Daijiro Izumida achieved his first victory on the Japanese tour, earning 20 million yen (approximately 1.23 million yuan) and 16 points, reaching a career high 349th place in the world ranking.

Robert Streb won Weber's first NBA Finals, the National Children's Hospital Open, with 16 points and $180000 (approximately 1.23 million yuan), elevating his world ranking to 184th place. In this competition, Zhang Xinjun was eliminated.

Woods tied for 40th place in New Jersey, scoring 2.3925 points and maintaining his world ranking at 26th place.

The following are the top ten players in the new round of the world: (1) Dustin Johnson, (2) Brooks Copca, (3) Justin Thomas, (4) Justin Ross, (5) Joan Ram, (6) Francesco Molinari, (7) McCoy, (8) Ricky Fowler, (9) Jordan Spice, (10) Jenson Day.

It is worth noting that Jordan Spice has slipped to ninth place, which is his low ranking since March 2015.

Here are the top ten Chinese players and their world rankings for this week: (1) Li Haotong (51st), (2) Wu Ashun (395th), (3) Zhang Xinjun (493rd), (4) Xiao Bowen (541st), (5) Liang Wenchong (604th), (6) Liu Yanwei (755th), (7) Yuan Yechun (760th), (8) Zhang Huilin (792nd), (9) Dou Zecheng (796th), (10) Cao Yi (878th).

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