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The US Tour China Suzhou Open is imminent, and Yang Mutian looks forward to winning another championship
Release time:2024-03-18

Yang Mutian currently ranks fourth on the annual bonus list. He won his first professional championship at the Kunming Championships and has reached the top ten twice this season. After the end of this season, the top five players on the annual bonus list will qualify for the 2019 Weber Online Tour.

24-year-old Yang Mutian participated in the Suzhou Open practice round and enjoyed the feeling of playing at Jinji Lake International Golf Club, but he also admitted that playing at this golf course is quite challenging.

"I am very excited now. This stadium is really beautiful and I really like it. The green is relatively soft, so I think there will be many opportunities to catch birds in the game, but it cannot be taken lightly, which will also bring difficulties." Yang Mutian said that he won the Kunming Championship in June this year.

"When the wind starts to blow, the competition will become very difficult, and the last nine will be even more difficult because the last nine of the competition is in the Long Grass Lynx style, and many holes are very challenging, especially the 18th hole. I think this is a difficult hole."

"In the days without games, I will stay in Orlando. A few days ago, I went to Las Vegas to meet my swing coach. In the past five races, I have received a lot of physical training, and in recent times, I have received some swing technique training. My feeling is very good now," Yang Mutian said.

"I am looking forward to playing well at this stadium, and I believe it will be a great attempt. In the last five races of this year, I hope to win at least one more race, and I hope to achieve this goal at the Suzhou Open."

Chinese young player Zhang Jin played alongside Yang Mutian, Wu Tuxuan, and English player Steven&Middleot today; Laodun participated in the shooting of promotional photos for the competition together, and a group of four went to visit the famous Suzhou Museum. Zhang Jin currently ranks 18th on the annual bonus list and hopes to achieve good results at the Suzhou Open in order to help himself climb to the top ten.

"The feeling of the stadium is very good, and I really like it. I think I should be able to achieve a good result this week," said Zhang Jin. At the Guilin Championships held in June, this young player achieved second place, which is also his best performance so far this season.

"My goal for the Suzhou Open is to win, but I just want to do my best. I will try to challenge the Weber Network Tour, but first I need to advance to the top ten on the bonus list and see how this week's competition will be," Zhang Jin added.

The player lineup for this Suzhou Open is 144 people, currently ranking in the top ten of the annual bonus list, including Charlie&Middleot; Charlie Saxon, Kalem&midtot; Callum Tarren, Baek Todd, Joseph&midtot; Joseph Willow, Yuwa Kosaihira, Jeffrey&midtot; Jeffrey Kang, William&midtot; William Harold, Peter&midtot; Peter Campbell and Cao Yi have both confirmed their participation. It can be foreseen that the Suzhou Open is bound to be a highly competitive competition.

The US Tour established a development level tour in China in 2014, and the 2018 Suzhou Open was also the 48th game of the US Tour series in China. The competition is a 72 hole stroke competition. The champion will receive a championship prize of 270000 RMB and 6 world ranking points.

The 2018 US Tour Series - Suzhou Open, China is open to the public from Thursday to Sunday. Electronic tickets can be obtained through the club's phone number 0512-62886868 or the official WeChat account "US Tour Series".
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