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World ranking: Xie Aofei Leda's career peak is 12th, and Li Haotong returns to the top 50
Release time:2024-03-14

Zander Sheffield World Ranking Raised to 12th Place

On October 30th Beijing time, in the past two years, Xander Schauffele, a 25-year-old American, has won three victories and is about to break through the world's top ten.

Sheffield defeated Tony Finau in the extended round of Sheshan to win the World Championships HSBC Championship. The third victory of the US Tour brought him $1.7 million (approximately RMB 11.84 million), 550 Federal Cup points, and 66 world points. Sheffield earned a total of $1782150 (approximately RMB 12.41 million) this season, currently ranking second on the bonus list, while his FedEx Cup points reached first place (594 points).

At the same time, Sheffield's world ranking rose from 19th to 12th, setting a new career peak. After winning two races in 2017, Sheffield began his world ranking at 25th place this year.

Tony Verno won his fourth runner up in 13 months, scoring 39.6 points and rising from 17th to 15th in the world ranking. And the third place alone gave Justin Ross 26.4 points, surpassing Dustin Johnson in the world ranking and reaching second place.

At the end of the year, the key point of the world ranking is the qualification given to the top 50 ranked players by the American Masters. And Li Haotong tied for 11th place in Shanghai, earning 7.92 points, and the world ranking just rose from 54th place to 50th place.

Except for Justin Ross, who surpassed Dustin Johnson and rose to second place in the world. Bryson DeChambeau rose one place without hitting a single shot and is now in sixth place this week. After Italian legend Francesco Molinari tied for 43rd place in Shanghai, his world ranking dropped to seventh place.

The new ranking of the top ten in the world is as follows: (1) Brooks Copca, (2) Justin Ross, (3) Dustin Johnson, (4) Justin Thomas, (5) McCoy, (6) Bryson Deschamber, (7) Francisco Molinari, (8) Joan Lamb, (9) Ritchie Fowler, (10) Jenson Day.

Woods doesn't know when to start a new season, and his world ranking has dropped by one place, ranking 14th this week.

In terms of mainland Chinese athletes, Yuan Yechun tied for 35th place in Sheshan, scoring 2.61 points and rising from 534th place to 464th place in the world ranking. Liang Wenchong tied for 43rd place, scoring 2.04667 points, and his world ranking rose from 585th place to 522nd place. In addition, Zhang Xinjun's world ranking also rose from 579th place to 549th place due to achieving a tied 50th place with a score of 1.555.

The following is a new ranking of the top ten mainland China, along with their corresponding world rankings: (1) Li Haotong (50th), (2) Wu Ashun (179th), (3) Yuan Yechun (464th), (4) Liang Wenchong (522nd), (5) Zhang Xinjun (549th), (6) Xiao Bowen (618th), (7) Liu Yanwei (711st), (8) Zhang Huilin (876th), (9) Dou Zecheng (903rd), (10) Cao Yi (971st).

It is worth noting that Liang Wenchong and Zhang Xinjun exchanged seats.

Another American tour is the Sanders Farm Championship. Heavy gunner Cameron Champ achieved his first victory on the US Tour at Jackson Country Club in Mississippi, earning a two-year championship exemption. In addition, he earned 300 Federal Cup points, ranking sixth on the points table with 330 points. After earning $792000 (approximately RMB 5.52 million), his bonus ranking rose to seventh, totaling $838800 (approximately RMB 5.84 million). The new contestant of the US Tour also scored 24 points, and the world ranking rose from 234th to 121st.

Canadian runner up Corey Conners scored 14.4 points, rising from 438th to 268th in the world ranking. Sam Burns tied for third place, and with the help of 8.4 points, his world ranking rose from 139th to 114th.

Last week's daily tour was the ABC Championship, held at the ABC Golf Club in Hyogo Prefecture. Japanese 32 year old Yuta Kinoshita pushed the Eagle in the first hole, defeating Masahiro Kawamura to achieve her first Japanese tour championship in 11 years since switching careers. She won 30 million yen (approximately 1.86 million yuan) and rose to ninth place in the prize money ranking, totaling 50790096 yen (approximately 3.14 million yuan).

Yuta Kishita rose from 548th to 250th in the world ranking due to scoring 16 points. Kawamura Masahiro finished second for two consecutive weeks, scoring 9.6 points and rising from 302 to 232 in the world ranking.

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