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Four players tied to lead Feng Shanshan T51 in the Evian Championship, and Liu Yupu Chengxuan was eliminated
Release time:2024-03-15

Puerto Rico rookie Maria Torres tied for the lead

On September 15th, Beijing time, tour newcomer Maria Torres tied with three other players to lead the second round of the Evian Championship in her second Grand Slam. World number one, two Grand Slam champions Park Cheng hyun unfortunately faced elimination, just like Liu Yu. In addition, the performance of China's top sister Feng Shanshan is not ideal, only tied for 51st place.
Maria Torres is the only Puerto Rican player to have an LPGA entry card. She hit 69 strokes, 2 strokes below par, and tied with Amy Olson (65 strokes), Mo Martin (66 strokes), and Lee Mi Hyang (66 strokes) to lead with 134 strokes, 8 strokes below par.
"Leading is a fresh and exciting thing," said 23-year-old Maria Torres, currently ranked 184th in the world. The only Grand Slam she had participated in before was the US Women's PGA Championships held in July, when world number one Park Cheng hyun won.
But Park Cheng hyun hit 77 yesterday, putting himself in a dangerous situation. Today, he handed over 71 and was eliminated by a difference of 3 at the sunny Evian Resort Golf Club.

Liu Yu did not perform well in the second round, but once again had a large number of strokes (double bogies on the ninth hole) and hit three bogies. Although he caught the bird on the 14th hole and only delivered 75 strokes, plus yesterday's 76 strokes, there is still a gap between the promotion line of three strokes above the standard.

Chinese athlete Feng Shanshan's form stabilized today, catching 2 birds, swallowing 2 bogies, hitting 71 strokes in two rounds of 144 strokes (73-71), 2 strokes above the standard, and tied for 51st place.

Amy Olson caught 7 birds and successfully saved them on the 18th hole, tying for the lead. "This is quite impressive," said the 26 year old player from North Dakota, who tied for ninth place in this season's All Nippon Airways Championship with a good ranking in the Grand Slam. "Seeing the ball enter the hole, I am full of confidence as I enter tomorrow."

Amy Olsen's trip to France means she needs to find a substitute to bake cookies for the Indiana State University center backs under her husband Grant's guidance. On Saturday, the wutong Tree Team will play in East Illinois.

"The head coach's wife is making cookies for the center back players this week," Amy Olson said. "She replaced me."

Li Meixiang shot an eagle in her back hole - the ninth hole and the fifth hole. She is a high ranked leader in the world and currently ranks 59th. South Korean players won a total of two LPGA championships, which is more than the total number of championships won by the other three leaders, despite Mo Martin winning the 2014 British Women's Open.

Spanish player Carlota Ciganda is behind by one stroke and is alone in fifth place. After leading 65 strokes yesterday, she handed in 70 strokes today.

Seven players hit 136 strokes, 6 strokes below par, tied for sixth place, including British women's open champion Georgia Hall (68 strokes), Chinese Taipei player Xu Weiling (67 strokes), as well as former Grand Slam champions Brooke Henderson (69 strokes) and Liu Xiaoran (69 strokes).

Austin Ernst (70 strokes) is also 2 strokes behind. A few minutes before the end of the race, Florence Hurricane made landfall near her hometown of South Carolina.

"I check the weather forecast mobile app every day and chat with my family," said the Seneca person. "My location is more at risk of floods. Let's wait and see what happens."

American ranked player and world ranked fifth Lexi Thompson shed tears on the 18th hole green. She was eliminated by one stroke. She didn't cut the cue well in that hole, causing her to swallow a bogey and hit 75 shots. She angrily smashed the cue stick. The champion of the 2014 All Nippon Airways Championship also conceded a shot on hole 17.

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