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Bradley wins BMW race, wheat 5th, Woods T6, Ross tops the world number one title
Release time:2024-03-15

Good food is never too late. Due to thunderstorms, the BMW Championship, which could not be completed on Sunday, staged a spectacular competition for the championship on Monday. On this day, Woods continued his brilliant performance, and the world number one also changed hands on this day.

On September 11th, Beijing time, in the third BMW Championship of the US Tour playoffs, Tiger Woods hit 31 strokes in the first 9 holes, with a total score of 65 strokes (-5), and finally tied for 6th place with a total score of -17 strokes.

The field is very soft after the rain, which creates good conditions for the players to achieve good results. Woods catches birds on the first hole he goes out! Kicking off on the fairway, hitting the green with an iron shot, putting in a hole, everything is so natural.

The tiger's push rod feels very good today. He almost pushed the bird 50 feet out of hole 4. Next, the tiger placed the ball 15 feet behind the flagpole on the iron pole of Par 3, 160 yards away, and advanced to catch the bird!

Hole 6, Woods hits short on his second shot. But he just cut in! The third bird! Woods also excitedly clenched his fists to celebrate.

Hole 9, Par 5, is a bird catching opportunity that Woods won't miss. Woods has a very aggressive playing style, he used the fairway wood to attack the green on his second shot. Faced with a long push, Woods has a bit of strength and passes through many holes. But Woods beautifully pushed back, the 4th bird in 9 holes! He delivered a perfect score of 31 strokes in the first 9 holes, but he was only 1 stroke behind!

On the 10th hole after the transition, Woods made a mistake and kicked into the right sandpit. He only cut the ball onto the green with his third shot, but left behind a 14 inch Par push. Woods' ball came to a stop at the hole, and on Sunday, the tiger dropped it for the first time.

However, Woods quickly regained his form on hole 11. His iron shot almost directly into the hole, and after catching the bird, his score came to -16, 2 strokes behind.

On the 13th hole, Woods kicked straight and far, and his performance today was very stable. Dig up the pole and place it 10 feet in front of the flagpole, then the bird pushes it down again! Woods once again caught up with only one shot behind.

Hole 14, Par 3, Woods's tee fell into a sand pit on the edge of the green. He saved the green, but unfortunately, the 10 foot Par push failed to advance.

Hole 16, Par 5, Woods hit the ball in his second shot to the long grass area by the green sandpit, and he caught the seventh birdie of the round with a single push. The final score is set at -17 strokes.

The competition for the championship is very dramatic. Bradley and Ross both scored -21 when they entered the 18th hole, but they both swallowed bogies on the last hole, and the game entered the extended round.

Ross's experience in Cave 18 is very dramatic. If his Par putt is pushed, he can win the game. But the ball popped out of the hole

In the extended game, both players put the ball on the edge of the green on their second stroke. Bradley pushed Par to the cave entrance successfully, Ross pushed it short, and the cooked duck flew away. Bradley ended his six-year championship drought.

Ross lost the game, but for the first time in his career, he topped the world number one title.

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