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Sheffield leads BMW Championship second round, Woods slides down to T12
Release time:2024-03-15

Sheffield leads the second round of the BMW Championship

On September 8th, Beijing time, the third game of the US Tour playoffs, the BMW Championship, ended in the second round at Arnoni Mick Golf Club. Last year's US Tour rookie Zand Sheffield rushed to lead alone, followed by Justin Ross who finished second alone. In the first round, tied leaders McCoy and Woods slipped to tied 7th and 12th respectively.

Zand Sheffield performed exceptionally well this round, winning 7 birdies throughout the game, swallowing a bogey on the 12th hole, and ultimately delivering 64 strokes (-6). In two rounds, his total stroke was 127 strokes (63-64), which was 13 strokes below the standard, leading the standings alone. Justin Ross delivered a 63 (-7) with 7 birdies and 0 bogeys in this round, and after two rounds, he was temporarily ranked second with 11 below par. At the same time, the -7 was also the second best result of this round.

In this round of putts, wheat always brushes through the hole and delivers a total of 69 strokes (-1) for 3 birds and 2 bogies, with a total of 131 strokes below the standard of 9 strokes, and the ranking has dropped to tied for 7th place.

Woods was also out of form in this round. In the first half, he made a transition with one birdie and one bogey at 35 strokes. In the second half, he caught a birdie on the 11th and 16th holes, but unfortunately swallowed the bogey on the last two holes. In the end, he only handed over a par of 70 strokes, and in two rounds, he made 132 strokes below par, 8 strokes below par, and ranked 12th.

In terms of other rankings, Ritchie Fowler delivered 65 strokes in this round and rose to tied third, while Jenson Dey quickly climbed to tied seventh with 64 strokes (-6). Dustin Johnson still struggled, and in this round, he delivered 68 strokes (-2) and was tied 48th with Jordan Speth.

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