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How can one become a golf expert?
Release time:2024-03-18
Tip 1: Correct placement of the ball
The placement of golf balls is related to the club used. If using a short iron pole (7, 8, 9, PW), the ball must be placed in the middle of the stance. The larger the club head angle, the farther the ball is from the front foot. When using a wooden stick, the position of the ball is exactly flush with the inside of the left foot. If you want to hit a low fly ball correctly, the position of the ball should be back, and if you want to hit a high fly ball, the position should be front.

Tip 2: Relax your right hand when holding the stick
To hit a strong and powerful shot, one must maintain stability on the right side of the body. But when holding the stick, the right hand does not need to grip too tightly, as this can cause the swing to go over the head or make a cross cut, resulting in an outward bend. So before each swing, check the tension of the right hand, arm, and shoulder. The muscles should not be too tight, because relaxed muscles can play better than tense muscles.

Tip 3: Swap hands to coordinate wrists
When putting, the two wrists need to coordinate, but many people cannot do it well. You can try the up and down exchange grip method: hold the lower part of the handle with your left hand and the upper part of the handle with your right hand. At first, I may not be used to holding the stick like this, but it allows for better coordination between the two hands. When swinging, it is also important to note that both hands should be in front of the ball and the right wrist should be straight.

Skill 4: Mobilize full body swing to hit the ball
To make a perfect hit, relying solely on the wrist is definitely not enough. Only by mobilizing the large muscles in the thighs and torso can a strong swing be made. Using only the arms and wrists to hit the ball, although sometimes good results can be achieved, it is not consistently unstable. To ensure consistency and gain greater strength, the body should be mobilized when hitting the ball, rather than relying solely on the wrist and arm.

Tip 5: Trapped in a sand pit, don't be afraid of blowing sand
If you are trapped in a sandbox, don't worry about raising a lot of sand when hitting the ball, maybe that's exactly what you need. Swipe from the bottom of the ball towards the green, open the club slightly clockwise, and aim slightly to the left. Raise some sand towards the target, and the ball will also fly in this direction.

Playing golf is a technical job, not as simple as imagined. If you don't believe it, just go and experience it. Anyway, it's also free.

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