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8 birds and 64 strokes, Li Haotong achieved another good result in the European Tour
Release time:2024-03-18
On November 12th, Beijing time, in the just concluded European Tour Riley Bank Challenge, young Chinese golfer Li Haotong soared from tied 26th in the third round to a single fourth place with a beautiful scorecard of 8 birds without any taboos.
Li Haotong, ranked 67th in the world, had a dreamy start, grabbing 5 birds in the first 6 holes and then a bird in the 9th hole, ending the first half with a record of -6. After the transition, the 22-year-old Chinese player caught a birdie on holes 12 and 14, and did not show any bogies throughout the game. He hit the second lowest single round stroke count in the European Tour, 64 (-8), only one less than the 63 he set in the final round of the UK Open in July this year. This helped Li Haotong achieve a total score of 281 strokes (70-77-70-64, -7) and advance to fourth place alone.
29 year old South African domestic champion Brendan Grace handed over a 66 (-6) without bogey in the second round, winning his 8th European Tour championship with a one shot advantage. Former world number one Martin Kemer finished the game with 71 strokes and finished fifth with a total score of 282 strokes (-6).
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