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Is playing golf expensive? The Six Benefits of Golf that You Must Understand
Release time:2024-03-18
When it comes to golf, most people's first impression is that it is expensive. There are two explanations for being expensive: one is the aristocratic movement, and the other is the high cost. Little did they know that golf has gradually become a popular sport because its cost is not as expensive as people imagine.

Is playing golf really expensive? Actually, not really. The cost of playing an 18 hole golf course usually ranges from a few hundred to thousands of yuan. Although the price may seem cheap on the surface, it takes about four and a half hours to play. On average, the cost per hour is not much lower than tennis, badminton, or even basketball or football. If you look at it this way, do you still think playing golf is expensive? So, golf has become a popular sport, it's not just a casual remark.

In recent years, more and more people have been playing golf, and the price factor is only one aspect. More importantly, golf is a healthy and good sport. The reason for saying this is because there are indeed many benefits to playing golf:

1. Exercise the body, slim down and lose weight;

2. Cultivate interest and bid farewell to bad habits;

3. Regulate emotions and have an outgoing personality;

4. Business socializing, bid farewell to the dining table;

5. Meditation alone, relaxing the body and mind;

6. Aerobic exercise boosts confidence.

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