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Group for the first two rounds of the HSBC Champions League: Li Haotong PK Dai Yimai, DJ in the same group
Release time:2024-03-14

Li Haotong is practicing on Tuesday round
On October 23rd, Beijing time, the first two rounds of the World Championships HSBC Championship were announced, with defending champions Ross in the same group as world number one Copca and Flightwood, and McRoy in the same group as British Open champions Molinari and world number two Dustin Johnson. Chinese player Li Haotong is in the same group as Dai Yi and Feno.

The following are the departure times of some key players (highlighted in bold as mainland Chinese players):

8: 50 Yuan Yechun, Ramford, Harding (Cave 1)

9: 00 new soldiers, Becker, and Parwan (Cave 1)

9: 10 Liu Yanwei, Ricky, and Brand (Cave 1)

9: 35 Paul, Scott, and Matsuyama Yingshu (Cave 10)

9: 40 Xiao Bowen, Norris, Hadwin (Cave 1)

9: 45 Ram, Noren, Red (Cave 10)

9: 55 Ross, Fleetwood, Copca (Cave 10)

10: 00 Liang Wenchong, Fox, Sullivan (Cave 1)

10: 25 Wu Ashun, Fitzpatrick, Bradley (Cave 10)

10: 45 Li Haotong, Funo, Dai Yi (Cave 10)

10: 50 Pan Zhengcong, Wallace, Peters (Cave 1)

10: 55 McRoy, Molinari, Dustin Johnson (Hole 10)

The following are all groups:

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