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Buick LPGA Championship First Round Focus Group
Release time:2024-03-14

The 2018 Buick LPGA Championship includes 7 of the world's top 10, 3 Grand Slam champions from that year, 6 players who have won LPGAs in China, and up to 20 Chinese players... With an overwhelming lineup, how can we avoid regrets in our team? In this competition, no matter who your idol is, the following four focus groups should not be missed, as the champion of this week is likely to be among them.

"The Battle of Kings"

Park Sung Hyu, Feng Shanshan, Ariya Jutanugarn

First round departure time (25 sets): 10:39 am on Cave 1

All three contestants once ranked first in the world, and the current player at the peak position is "Tiger" Park Cheng hyun. Last year, after Feng Shanshan won the Blue Bay Masters and climbed to world number one, South Korean athletes have been at the top of the world for 10 consecutive weeks. Thai superstar Arya has won three championships this season, including a Grand Slam title, leading the LPGA bonus list. As the spokesperson for Buick Golf, Feng Shanshan has won two championships at Shanghai Qizhong Garden Golf Club and has a home advantage. She is expected to successfully win her first championship of the season at the Buick LPGA Championship.

Feng Shanshan, Park Chengxuan, and Aria are all far ahead in terms of strength and ranking. The three kings vying for loyalty will undoubtedly become the focus of attention. Please wait and see if Feng Shanshan can take advantage of the timing, location, and people to defeat the other two goals!

"Strength duel"

So Yeon Ryu, Liu Ruixin, Marina Alex

First round departure time (19 sets): 10:06 am on Cave 1

Two Grand Slam champions, Liu Xiaoran, just won the Women's Day Tour Grand Slam three weeks ago: the Japan Women's Open, defeating strong Japanese players and also defeating fellow countrymen such as Tian Renzhi and Jin Yinjing. This is her second victory this year, and she also has the experience of winning in China. She won the China Women's Open in 2009. Liu Ruixin has won three matches on the LPGA Second Tour, including two back-to-back matches, becoming the first Chinese player to win the prize money championship on the Symetra Tour and ensuring full LPGA coverage for the next season. Marina Alex made a breakthrough at the Portland Elite in early September and won the LPGA competition for the first time.

Liu Ruixin's first battle against the world's third place champion and an LPGA champion in a heroic state is bound to bear tremendous psychological pressure. She hopes that her improvement in short and close range skills can ignite more exciting moments for this battle.

"Genius Girl"

Minjee Lee, Brooke Henderson, Liu Yu

First round departure time (23 sets): 10:28 am on Cave 1

The three contestants were all talented girls in the past, but they had already achieved remarkable results as amateur athletes. Liu Yu had made history before heading to Duke University, winning two women's mid season tournaments. This year, she once again unleashed her potential and achieved consecutive good results in the LPGA Rookie Year, including finishing in the top ten at the UK Women's Open and becoming a seeded LPGA player. Korean Australian athlete Lee Min chi was once the number one amateur in the world and won his fourth LPGA championship in his career at the Warwick Championship this year, currently ranking fifth in the world. Brooke Henderson won the LPGA championship in her spare time and became the first domestic champion in 45 years at the Canadian Women's Open in August, currently ranking eighth in the world.

Liu Yu, who was in the same group as Park Cheng hyun last week, had already experienced the taste of a ten thousand person pilgrimage. This time, he should have a more adept mentality with Li Minzhi and Brooke Henderson in the same group, highlighting his advantage in home games.

"Unlimited potential"

Moriya Jutanugarn, Lin Xiyu, and Charley Hull's first round departure time (27 sets): 10:50 am on Cave 1

When Mollia won the championship at the Xiujie Los Angeles Open, she and her sister Aria jointly created two records: the second pair of sisters who won the championship in LPGA history and the first pair of sisters who entered the top ten in the world. Charlie Hull finished second at the Hana Bank Championship last week, achieving her sixth top ten of the season. Her breakthrough at the Buick LPGA Championship is particularly anticipated. Unlike many LPGA players, this English girl has played for Shanghai Qizhong Garden Golf Club several times and has rich experience. Buick Golf Ambassador Lin Xiyu achieved a tie for seventh place in a recent competition - the French Women's Open (Women's European Tour). She also represented China in the Olympics and scored the first one hole in the Olympic women's golf event, which is truly a source of pride for the Chinese people.

Molia and Charlie Hull have made tremendous progress in the past year, and Lin Xiyu's home advantage and Buick's strong support are equally impressive. I believe all three can perform at their best.

After reading the above focus group predictions, are you looking forward to the first Buick LPGA Championship even more? From October 18th to 21st, at Shanghai Qizhong Garden Golf Club, we will see each other and never part!
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