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On the first day of the four man two ball game, the European team won the game with a 5-3 lead over the United States team
Release time:2024-03-15

                                                                                        McRoy's partner Paul scored 1 point

On the afternoon of the first day of the Ryder Cup on September 28th Beijing time, a four man two ball match was held. In the morning, the European team, which was at a disadvantage in the four man four ball match, suddenly took the lead and won all four matches.

The European team captain Bjorn has removed the mediocre newcomers Ram and Olison, as well as the morning losing combination of Casey and Hutton, and replaced veteran guns Paul, Stensen, Garcia, and Noren.

The US team, on the other hand, has hidden the defeated Tiger/Red combination and the Verno/Copca combination; Lao Mi appeared with De Shangbo, Simpson teamed up with Baba Watson.

Compared to a four person four ball game, a four person two ball game with alternating strokes emphasizes more on the cooperation between teammates.

In 2016, Olympic champion Ross teamed up with runner up Stensen to start the game. Ross was in good form all day, and Stensen gradually improved under the guidance of his teammates. This pair started leading from the 5th hole and had a long lead of 5 holes, without giving Dustin Johnson and Fowler of the US team any chance. The world's number one DJ who frequently lost short pushes can only see Ross/Stensen win 3 holes with 2 holes left, giving the European team the first point in a four man two ball game.

Four player two ball game, European team swept American team

Molinari and Fleetwood, who won the only four man four ball game for the European team, faced off against Thomas/Spice from the United States. Fleetwood continued the hot morning putt feel, with the European team winning three out of the first six holes. On the first day, the European team shaved their heads off the American team with four men and two goals, winning 5 and leaving 4. In the history of the Ryder Cup, this is the first time that European teams have achieved a complete victory in a single day with four players and two goals.

On the first day of the game, with a sweeping advantage in the afternoon four man two ball game, the European team led the United States 5-3. On Saturday, there will continue to be four four person four ball games and four person two ball games.

Paul, who ranks first in the European team's Ryder Cup win rate, is partnering with McRoy, who was in poor form this morning. The two of them lost two out of three holes at the beginning. Just when people thought that the wheat had also brought Paul into the ditch, the wheat suddenly regained his strength, and the putts and irons began to take power. They won four consecutive holes from the 6th to the 9th, completely overwhelming Baba Watson and Weber Simpson in terms of momentum. Finally, Wheat/Bolton finished with 4 wins and 2 left, earning the second point for the European team.

Garcia and Noren played almost one-sided matches. Lao Mi and De Shangbo were completely stunned. In the first 9 holes, the European team won 7, and the game lost its suspense early on. The European team won 5 holes and had 4 holes left to play another game.
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