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CLPGA Tieling Longshan Challenge: Guo Wanqing tied for the lead in the unfinished first round of the competition
Release time:2024-03-15

The difficulty of the course itself, coupled with the wind stirring up the game, turned the CLPGA Tieling Longshan Golf Challenge into a tough battle. When the game was suspended at 5:46 pm due to darkness, there was no player on the leading table below par.

The two players who performed well at Tieling Longshan International Golf Club are Guo Wanqing, a 25-year-old girl from New Zealand, and Tania Ravenjak, a 25-year-old player from Australia. They hit 74 strokes, 2 strokes above par.

Xi'an girl Liu Yiyi delivered 75 strokes, ranking third alone.

Tao Juanjuan is one of the six unfinished contestants. She sets off from the last group and has 3 holes left to complete. She needs to come back tomorrow morning at 7:25 to make up for the match. Her score is 4 strokes above par, tied with Luo Ying, Li Ruigui, Cai Danlin, and Li Gengshan, who still has one hole left, in fourth place. From the current situation, it will be difficult for anyone to play below par after tomorrow's playoff.

"It's already difficult for this stadium to have no wind, and with the wind, its complexity has further increased," said Guo Wanqing, a Chinese American girl. "But it's a very good stadium, and the challenge is very high. Every player must develop a good strategy."

Not only the competition strategy, but also patience and timely adjustment of one's mentality, just like what Guo Wanqing did today. On the first hole, she didn't grasp the rhythm of the green well in the first push, and the ball rolled back to her feet, swallowing the bogey. On the second hole, she hit out of bounds with her second shot and hit a double bogey with two pushes. Her score on the first two holes was already three strokes above par.

She didn't give up. On the third hole, 194 yards, par three hole, she almost hit a hole in the fifth ironwood and caught a dead bird. Hole 6, 474 yards, Par 5. She hit the green with two strokes and caught a bird with two pushes. After that, she remained stable until the 17th hole, par three hole, when she once again hit the double bogey.

But on the 18th hole, when she reached 5 feet with the 5th ironwood pole, she caught the bird again and tied with the qualification exam champion Tania Ravenjak, who also swallowed the double bogey on the 17th hole.

Guo Wanqing passed the qualification exam in 2017 and currently ranks 11th on the bonus list, with a total prize money of over 120000 yuan. Among them, the LeEco Beijing Elite lost to Shi Yuting in the extended round, ranking second is her personal good performance.

"I definitely hope to achieve my first professional victory, but it's too early to say all of this now," she said. "The wind may change tomorrow, and I don't want to think so much."

Liu Yiyi, a 17-year-old girl from Xi'an, is a professional newcomer. Her good performances this season include the Hengqin wutong Oriental Golf International Women's Challenge, which tied for the 10th place. She had anticipated that today might not be easy after practicing for two sessions. "When I went out, I told my caddy brother to avoid 2, avoid 3, avoid 4... I kept talking about avoiding 10, but I didn't want to keep one. Because I was afraid of saying 'avoid 3,' I ended up getting a 4, so I went from beginning to end."

Liu Yiyi has achieved it. She caught one bird and swallowed four bogies, including three bogies at the beginning. "Even a shot is difficult. There's not a hole, you can rest assured to hit it," she said of Tieling Longshan. "This court is not good for a single shot, it affects a lot, and has a great impact. For example, when you hit No. 1 wood, you think the position is still good, but you find that the second shot cannot be played. I don't know how I achieved such a result, maybe it was saved quite well."

If, after tomorrow's playoff, the lead is still 2 strokes above par, it will be one of the few situations on the tour. In the first round of the 2009 Yantai Yangma Island Challenge, there was a lead of 2 strokes above par,

Due to the extremely difficult competition conditions, the organizing committee of the competition has decided to cancel the long-standing rule of "disqualification from the women's central tour if the score exceeds 88 in the first round". This is the first time in the women's tour.
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