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Deschamptor wins Dell Technology's post season winning streak with Pan Zhengcong, T4, and Woods, T24
Release time:2024-03-15

                                             Deshanbo has won consecutive North American Trust Tournament and Dell Technology Championship

On September 4th Beijing time, Bryson DeChambau played a unique golf game and achieved the results that everyone hoped for.

As part of the lucrative prize money on the US Tour, Bryson Deschamber faced off against a strong lineup for the second consecutive week, playing good golf over the weekend and winning the Dell Technology Championship, becoming the second player in history to win the first two playoffs of the Federal Cup.

He delivered 67 strokes at the end of Monday in Boston time, 4 strokes below par. A 24-year-old student majoring in physics caught three birds in a row at the end of the first nine holes, starting to widen the distance from other players, and then maintaining the gap, ultimately leading Justin Ross by two strokes to win the championship.

"To be honest with you, I can't write a better script," Bryson Deschamber said. "I've been playing golf very well all year. I know it only takes some time, and some cool things will show up."

Vijay Singh achieved this in 2008, and since then, the points system has been reformed to introduce more liquidity, as that year, Vijay Singh had actually secured a $10 million prize before the end of the Federal Cup.

This is Bryson Deschamber's third victory of the year, and he is guaranteed to be at the top of the points table when he goes to the touring championship, regardless of what happens in the third playoff in the suburbs of Philadelphia next week.

At the same time, when Jim Frederick announced three wild card candidates for the Ryder Cup on Tuesday, he seemed to have secured one of them. The goal of the US team is to find hot players, and in the past two weeks, no one has been as hot as Bryson Deschamber.

A 24-year-old athlete from California was nicknamed "Science Madman" for his strange handling techniques. He has a single length of all his clubs (34 inches, basically the length of a No.7 iron), always training in biomechanics, and meticulously calculating every hit. To be more precise, it is 9 calculations. Bryson Deschamps refused to reveal all the secrets, but these calculations involved yards, wind, pressure, and adrenal hormones.

"He faces a strong and excellent lineup," Justin Ross said. "There are many speculations about what he will do. But his performance like this proves himself."

So how much more can Bryson Deschamber improve? "You can always make progress," he said. "How much progress? I would say it depends on how much I can achieve within the limits of biomechanics. So it all depends on fault tolerance... Don't be so sensitive to mistakes. This way, when you feel confused, the chaos won't be that big. I hope this makes sense from a logical standpoint. But I would say there is another level here."

At the beginning of this year, Bryson Deschamber ranked 99th in the world and has now surpassed McRoy to rise to seventh place in the world. He scored 268 strokes (70-68-63-67) in four rounds, 16 strokes below standard, and earned $1.62 million for the second consecutive week.

At the beginning of the last round, he was one stroke behind Abraham Ancer, and Bryson Deschamber was one of the 10 players in the range of four strokes. He caught a bird by pushing twice at a distance of 50 feet on the seventh hole, took the lead with a 12 foot bird push on the eighth hole at 220 yards, and then on the ninth hole, he attacked the ball 6 feet behind the flagpole, catching the third bird in a row.

Australian player Cameron Smith made an effort to attack him and caught two birds towards the end, but Bryson Deschamber still managed to maintain a 2-shot lead after catching birds in the 15th hole. We need to catch an eagle on the 18th hole, Par 5 hole to catch up with Bryson Deschamber. Cameron Smith eventually hit short, entered the obstacle zone, swallowed a bogey, and ranked third on his own.

Justin Ross caught three birds in the last four holes and hit 68 shots, ranking second alone.

Abraham Ancer failed to keep up and conceded 3 shots in the first difficult four hole interval of the last nine holes. Catching a bird in the latter hole can give a 27 year old Mexican athlete a chance to tie for third place, giving them a reasonable chance to enter the touring championship. But he shortened to the obstacle zone and swallowed the bogey. Abraham Anser's small consolation award, tied for seventh place, helped his points ranking rise from 96th to 56th, and at least he entered the top 70, thus qualifying for the next week's Alenemic BMW Championship.

Some other players are also happy to have one more week to play in the long season.

Peter Uihlein, former champion of the US Amateur Championship, competed in his first full year on the US Tour. He caught a bird in the last three holes and hit 68 shots, tying for 12th place. He set off in the same group as Keith Mitchell, another newcomer to the US Tour. Keith Mitchell caught a bird in the last two holes and hit 69 shots, finishing 20th. Both of them entered the top 70 on the points table.

Matt Kuchal failed to make it to the second playoffs for the first time in 10 years, which meant he missed his second chance to compete for a wild card in the Ryder Cup. Frederick will announce his fourth wild card after the BMW Championship.

The three wildcard options seem to belong to Bryson Deschamber, Phil Mickelson, and Tiger Woods. When the automatic selection period for the US PGA Championship ended, the three of them happened to be in ninth, tenth, and eleventh positions on the points table.

Woods caught three birds in the first 11 holes, but since then, no more birds have been credited. The 14th hole and the 16th hole double bogeys only made 71 shots. His four round score was 277 strokes, 7 strokes below the standard, and his ranking slipped to tied for 24th place.

Phil Mickelson has participated in every edition of the Ryder Cup since 1995. He won a World Golf Championship in Mexico in March of this year, and on Monday, he caught 9 birdies and hit 63 shots, tying for 12th place, increasing his chances.

"I'm very lucky that this happened the day before the Ryder Cup wild card announcement, although I feel it shouldn't be a problem," Mickelson said. "I think you have to take a look at the overall situation throughout the year... but it definitely won't hurt."

Matsuyama Hideki caught and hit 7 birds in 10 holes, but unfortunately it cooled down and hit 65 shots. However, this at least helped Japanese stars enter the touring championship. Jordan Spice still has work to do. He was only one shot behind in the first nine holes until the seventh hole, where he swallowed a bogey in the fifth hole. He swallowed three more bogies in the five holes starting from the last nine. At the end of the game, Jordan Spice missed the 6-foot Hawks push, delivered 70 strokes, tied for 12th place, and his points ranking only rose to 27th place.

Chinese Taipei player Pan Zhengcong also had a brilliant performance, delivering 66 strokes, tied with Yingshu Matsuyama and Tony Finau (68 strokes) in fourth place, with his points ranking rising from 72nd to 33rd. He not only made it to the BMW Championship, but is also expected to historically secure his first East Lake entry ticket next week.

Only the top 30 players in points can enter the East Lake Tour Championship. There, everyone theoretically has a chance to win the $10 million prize. You don't need a degree in physics, and you understand that Bryson Deschamber has great opportunities.

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